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Frances Manwaring

Managing Director | Moxie Communications Limited


Enterprising and possessing strong leadership qualities, Frances Manwaring holds the post of managing director for Moxie Communications Limited. Organized and analytical, she oversees the company’s operations, the IT team and strategic marketing initiatives. Prior to this, Ms. Manwaring garnered more than 30 years of extensive experience at a senior level across a range of disciplines, including international media, venture capital, information communications technology, manufacturing and retail. For most of the last 10 years, she has successfully operated her own consulting business, offering a diverse portfolio of private and public sector clients, strategic communication and business development services. She serves as a director of four small ICT businesses.

Ms. Manwaring attributes her success to her determination and passion for her job. In the next five years, she aspires to excel in her field and complete her book.

Accomplished, Ms. Manwaring is a published writer and holds a Master of Arts, with honors, in medieval history from St. Andrews University. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries in London.

With a keen interest in assisting others, she avidly volunteers with Greenpeace. In her spare time, Ms. Manwaring enjoys listening to music and entertaining guests.

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