Hi, I’m Frances

I’m a New Zealand-based author, blogger, speaker and creative leader. Welcome to my world of words, opinions, humour, and random thoughts.

I write and record for people who wear their metaphorical high-viz vests with flair and panache… or want to.

Whether the panache in question is Ming or bling, no problem. It’s about living life in full, glorious colour and avoiding the beige backwaters that diminish us people, particularly as we age.

My writing is part memoir, part essay, and part self-help. A journalist friend describes it as a “confessional style”. I’m happy with either description. I hope it’s relatable.

I don’t write to smack people in the face with inconvenient truths. It’s more about commenting on stuff that interests, challenges, or entertains me, which I hope will interest, challenge, or entertain readers in turn.

Never Succumb to Beige has become a personal mantra—a statement of my commitment to always vibrantly being who I am. This mantra works just as well now that I’m in my sixties as it did a decade ago when I first adopted it. 

Never Succumb to Beige is also a compelling call to action—an invitation to hop on the train of many coloured visibility. 

I believe we need to stand and deliver on our potential and not let life, our doubts and fears, the ageing process or society’s bias remove our agency as dynamic contributors to the overall richness and joy of being alive.

I also believe that girls, even vintage ones like me, still wanna’ have fun, and if I can bring a sense of fun and adventure as part of the deal, I’m happy.

Thanks for visiting my website.


Check out my latest book — Never Succumb to Beige & Other Tips for a Colourful Life

“This is one of those books where you tell yourself “just one chapter” and find youo’ve read three because the viewpoints expressed are so interesting, and you have to read on to fin where they lead to.”

John Lumsden

Described as part essays, part memoir and part self-help—think Caitlin Moran meets Bill Bryson—here are a few of the themes I’ve explored in the book.